Structured Project and Energy Advisory Practice

Interest Rate and Commodity Swap Advisory Service and Qualified Independent Representative (QIR) Service

• Assist in implementing and updating risk management policy


• Monitoring of interest rate and/or commodity swaps


• Assist in updating, as needed, the ISDA Master Agreement, Schedule and CSA


• Recommend the appropriate collateralization, cross-default, additional termination events and calculations methods


• Advise regarding disclosures relating to swaps in offering documents and financial reports, including mark-to-market calculations


• Advise in new swap transactions including:

• investigation, development and recommendation of optimal swap strategies and structures

• Preparation of materials and presentation to Governing Body for approval


• Negotiation of terms in conjunction with the counterparty, Special Entity (SE) and its counsel


• Make recommendations to accept or reject terms received


• Preparation of swap documents in conjunction with bond counsel


• Preparation of analysis and presentation of utilized swap strategy to the SE and its Governing Body


• Advise on swap terminations or restructurings


• Deliver written analyses, reports, certifications or opinions with respect to a transaction for the use of SE's management and the Governing Body in their evaluation