Financial Assessment Report for Social Service Agencies

Your agency is staffed with experts in the program side of the industry and our firm is staffed with experts in the financial side of this industry. Every well run non-profit agency that serves people with mental health and/or intellectual or developmental disabilities works to operate as efficiently as possible to ensure that as much of the budget as possible can go to serving consumers. To be certain that your agency is financially healthy it is important that both Management and Board members have a full understanding of your agency's financial condition in relationship to other providers and industry standards.

MCM prepares Financial Assessment reports for agencies. Our report compares your financial ratios with industry standards and generates an assessment rating. Let our expertise save you time and money, and let us provide you with a meaningful tool for use by management and board members.

Do you want or need to know

• How much cash reserve your agency should have on hand at all times?

• Whether or not your agency is spending too much on facilities?

• The 5 year trends for your key financial ratios?

• How your financial strength compares with other providers in your state?

• Suggestions for improving weak areas?

MCM has specialized in financing non-profit service providers in the mental health and developmental disabilities field since 1989. In 1993 we developed a credit assessment process that allows us to accurately determine which non-profit service providers qualify for long-term financing. This credit assessment system has been used to finance over 2,200 MH/DD facilities from coast to coast with a very low default rate. We have analyzed our collected data and designed the Financial Assessment report. This report does not simply re-iterate what is in the financial audit or Form 990 but relies on our years of experience in this field for assessing credit strength.

The Financial Assessment report and the ratios incorporated are based on the analysis of thousands of financial statements from service providers of all sizes from all over the country, however each provider’s report is generated to meet the needs of your individual agency. The assessment reports will assist you in the examination of the liquidity, capital structure and profitability of your provider organization.

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