Structured Project and Energy Advisory Practice

Our team specializes in the following products:


• Prepaid Natural Gas (Corporate and Asset Backed)

• Prepaid Power

• Oil and Gas Reserve Analysis and Acquisition

• Natural Gas Pipelines

• Public Power Generation and Transmission

• Gas and Power Utility System Revenue Bonds

• Renewable Energy

• Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

• Production Tax Credit (PTC)

• Accelerated Depreciation


• Federal Agency and Department Leases

• Enhanced Use Leasese (EUL)

• Utility and ESCo Energy Services Contracts

• Central Utility Plants

• Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)

• Securitizations of Defined Federal Government Payments Streams

Other Structured

• Project Finance

• Public-Private Partnerships


• Municipal Advisor

• Qualified Independent Representative or Swap Advisor

• Interest rate

• Commodity

• Corporate, Developer and Prepaid Supplier Advisor