Charter Schools

Select List of Projects Financed

Municipal Capital Markets Group, Inc. is one of the Nation's leading providers of facility financing to charter schools. Our experienced investment bankers have provided in excess of $410,000,000 of facility financing to 78 charter schools. See below for a sampling of projects our team has completed.

Amount Type* School Location
$15,290,000 COP Landmark Academy Kimball, MI
$6,115,000 COP Cesar Chavez Academy Detroit, MI
$3,010,000 COP Merritt Academy New Haven, MI
$3,620,000 COP William C. Abney Academy Grand Rapids, MI
$2,630,000 COP Star International Academy Dearborn Heights, MI
$8,275,000 COP Global Concepts Charter School Buffalo, NY
$21,940,000 COP Charter School for Applied Technology Buffalo, NY
$10,615,000 COP Derrick Thomas Academy Kansas City, MO
$4,770,000 COP Allen Village School Kansas City, MO
$9,220,000 COP The Renaissance Academy Phoenixville, PA
$2,830,000 EFRB Katy Creative Arts Katy, TX
$6,600,000 EFRB Central New York Charter School Syracuse, NY

* COP – Certificates of Participation
* EFRB - Educational Facility Revenue Bond