Equipment Financing Through MuniLease®

Municipal Capital Markets Group is an industry leader in Lease and Lease Purchase financing for municipal capital needs. Our exclusive MuniLease® programs are structured to meet the specific requirements of state and local law, and to respond to current demands within the fiscal constraints of the budget process.

Heavy Equipment

School Buses, Fire Trucks, EMS Vehicles, Police Cars, Plow Trucks, Graders, Street Sweepers, Aircraft


Administration, Police and Fire Stations, County Jails, Libraries, Airport Hangars, Warehouses


Computers, Network Gear, Communications, Police/Fire/Rescue Gear

Energy Efficient Equipment

Performance Contracts

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General Lease-Purchase Process

General Provisions

Most states allow lease-purchase financing to be used by governmental entities without a vote of the residents as long as the lease is subject to annual appropriation and therefore cancellable each year. MCM is very active in this lease-purchase marketplace and anxious to be of service to your community.

• MCM will fund the acquisition of the project / asset being acquired

• MCM will then enter into a lease-purchase agreement with the end-user governmental entity (the “Lessee”)

• The Lease can be a long-term agreement to keep payments low, but will include an “out” to the municipality if they fail to appropriate money to pay the lease in future years

• At the end of the lease, when the final payment has been made, the governmental entity will own the project without further payments

Length of Lease

• Lease terms from 1 year to 30 years

• Maximum period is limited to the useful life of the leased assets


• Each lease payment is comprised of principal and interest components. These can be level annual payments or escalated payments adjusted to fit a unique cash flow

• Interest components paid on the lease are tax-exempt, resulting in low lease rates

Voter Approval

• As mentioned above, in most states since lease-purchase financing does not qualify as statutory debt, no voter referendum is needed

• In most states, because the lease is cancelable annually and no new taxes are required, the financing does not count against the municipality’s debt limitation

• If the lease is canceled due to non-appropriations, the Lessee forfeits further use of the property


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