Correctional Facility Financing

Municipal Capital Markets Group is an industry leader in Lease and Lease Purchase financing for jails, detention centers and correctional facilities of all types. Our exclusive MuniLease programs are structured to meet the specific requirements of state and local law, and to respond to current demands within the fiscal constraints of the budget process.

100% Financing

Our programs will provide 100% of the cost of your project

This includes the costs of construction, but also architect fees, land acquisition, and even the furniture, fixtures and equipment.

It is YOUR project

Designed and constructed by professionals you choose

Your input and satisfaction is paramount to our program.

Design Build Finance

Looking to fast track your project?

Our DBF team has extensive delivery experience.

Solve problems now

Overcrowding and court orders disappear sooner

Get your project underway now - not one or two years from now!

No Voter Approval

Time saving

In most states voter approval, and time consuming, project-delaying referendums are not required.

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Contractors, Architects, Developers: We welcome your call to see how your clients may benefit from our services.