Correctional Facility Financing


Any U.S. state, territory, local government, or municipality is eligible to use tax-exempt leasing from MCM for correctional facilities, including:

• States

• Counties

• Cities

• Agencies, Authorities, Divisions, Departments of a U. S. State, Territory, Possession or Political subdivision

To qualify, borrowers must:

• Prepare annually audited financial statements

• Be legally organized as certified by the borrower's attorney

• Operate their entity within reasonable range of the budget each year

The Challenge of the 21st Century for Correctional Facilities Today's Municipal Financing managers are faced with a diverse array of challenges. Across the nation, public officials at the local, county and state levels of government are searching for new resources to expand tight operating budgets to meet the immediate and long-term needs of our communities. Reductions in federal and state aid are creating a new reality for towns, cities, counties, school districts, hospitals, and many other public authorities. This economic environment calls for tough decisions, greater self-reliance, and innovative approaches. The demand for alternative financing methods is growing along with the need for equipment and facilities.

Lease Purchase financing is one of the most successful methods developed in recent years to address immediate needs for capital improvements and acquisitions to provide for essential services while improving the management of cash flow. The tax-exempt feature of Lease Purchase financing has proven to be attractive to both Lessees and investors.

Municipal Capital Market Groups, Inc. is a registered broker dealer, regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Our finance professionals pioneered lease-financing programs to meet the diverse requirements of Lessees at all levels. Our exclusive MuniLease® Programs allow state and local governments to acquire essential equipment and facilities in a timely and economical fashion. They are specifically designed to address the cash flow restrictions of municipalities. The extensive experience of our professionals in having structured over $1.6 billion in tax-exempt leases ensures quality service and market sophistication for our leasing clients.

The MuniLease structure offers many advantages including flexibility and the establishment of an equity interest with every payment. It allows for the financing of equipment and facilities without creating long-term debt. It is designed to cover a term that closely matches the useful life of the building or equipment, and provides for ownership at the end of the repayment term.

Municipal Capital Markets will tailor a MuniLease® program to meet the varied needs and special requirements of your community. We invite you to talk to us and our clients to learn more about how we can serve your needs. Please click to contact Mike Harling.

MuniLease® is a registered trademark of Municipal Capital Markets Corporation.