Structured Project Finance and Energy Advisory Practice

The Team and The Practice

Tyler Noble and John NormanMr. Norman and Mr. Noble have worked together as a team since 2000 and joined MCM in January 2013.  Together they constitute the MCM Structured Project Finance and Energy Advisory Practice. Both have extensive backgrounds and experience as investment bankers and underwriters of highly structured project financings, including municipal energy and natural gas prepayments and natural gas reserve acquisitions.  They combine broad market knowledge, strong analytical capabilities, conservative risk management, in-depth credit evaluation, and far reaching bank and industry relationships to provide clients with insightful and exceptional service. 

At MCM, and in the wake of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the Dodd-Frank Act), they now bring their varied and broad investment banking experience to bear on client needs in the capacity of financial advisor.  Indeed, one of the best ways that an entity can level the playing field and reduce risks when dealing with sophisticated, and often conflicted, underwriters in complex transactions, is to engage a qualified financial advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to represent their best interests.  Likewise, under Dodd-Frank underwriters of complex transactions are protected by assuring that issuers have competent financial advice. [Click here to read about the Effects of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act]

With extensive experience in commodity swaps and interest rate swaps, often utilized in floating interest rate obligations, they are also available to serve in the role of Qualified Independent Representative (“QIR”) to municipal governments and other Special Entities (as defined under Dodd-Frank and CFTC regulations) undertaking interest rate and commodity swap transactions.

The MCM Structured Project Finance and Energy Advisory Practice is also available to provide Natural Gas Advisory Services to public power generators converting to cheap, abundant and clean burning natural gas. The service includes assistance in project feasibility review, development of risk management policies and procedures governing gas supply acquisitions and commodity price hedging transactions, and development of the gas supply acquisition program including recommendations regarding supply portfolio construction and supplier bidding and negotiations.

Finally, Mr. Norman and Mr. Noble are also available to provide analytical and advisory services to private or investor owned entities and project developers interested in pursuing opportunities with public entities.